what's all this "niche" talk?

Happy Sunday, y'all.

As promised, I wanted to jump on and update the blog regarding what all this talk and delegation of "niche" service in the wedding planning/design realm is really all about. I'm going to cover what it means to me, what it means in the industry, and why it's legit a "it's not you, it's me" thing. 

So what is a "niche" service? Based on the info I scooped up from the Design Trust Co. a niche service means: "A niche is a focused, targetable part of the market. You are a specialist providing a product or service that focuses on specific client group's needs, which cannot or are not addressed in such detail by mainstream providers." AND I couldn't have said it better myself. A "niche" service is not uncommon - think about it. Various small businesses provide a "niche" whether it be a specific style of clothing, type of food/beverage, etc. I think we're all entitled to offer specific services. With over 400 certified Wedding Planners in the Wake County area in North Carolina, I felt the need to get specific and narrow my scope for a few reasons as follows: 

"It's not you, it's me." - If you've heard this before, I'm sorry. Don't worry, it's been told to me before (haha!) BUT, it truly isn't. I think all engaged couples are lovely people - but I have a PASSION. That's what caused me to focus on my "niche". I'm not discriminating, but I have a forte and a passion. I have a passion for all things eclectic, bohemian, woodland, and a little more unique and ethereal. If you know me on a personal level - then you know this is "so me" and if you don't know me - you can likely tell from my work + my inspo bored that I have a style. I am an artist really, before anything else. Like most artists, we are not fluent in all mediums or styles. That means our styles may just not mesh - and I want you to be serviced by someone who is equally as enthusiastic for your event as you are! I feel that if I have a particular style and skill to execute a specific vision - then why not do just that? I'm just here to stay in my lane and let all other wedding planners/designers do what they do best as well. In a nutshell, I was hoping to monopolize a corner of the marketplace in the wedding planning + design world that would allow people to flock to me when they have a specific desire for the wild side! 

Have I been given feedback from other wedding professionals about what I'm doing and their negative thoughts? Absolutely, but this is my career. I believe that "your vibe attracts your tribe" and I'm okay with that. Does that mean I'm discriminating? No. I just may not be your best bet for your vision or your first choice. There is a TON of talented wedding planners and designers in the Triangle Area all offering exceptional services that bring life to elegant affairs and flowery frills on the regular. They do a WONDERFUL job at executing beautiful events. Simply put: I felt that my time would be best used making a name for myself doing, creating, and planning in a habitat that I truly enjoy AND feel that I excel at and can REALLY flex my creative muscles. I'm always happy to refer to other local planners if I feel that I can not assist you, and I have no shame in doing so. While we may think the concept of "Wedding Planning" is fairly ubiquitous - we all have our fortes in this industry and I would NEVER take on an event that I did not feel comfortable in executing. That's why I network hard. Give me all the vintage, woodland, bohemian, 80's punk rock, ethereal, celestial, carnival, circus, and dreamy visions - that's my jam and that's what I'm comfortable with from an artistic stance. Truly, we all have a niche whether we own it or not. I'm just more vocal about mine. 

Anyway, I could go on forever! But, I hope that better helps to spell out why I'm a "niche" service, why I choose to operate my business this way, and why this is my stance and my path. I hope this gives you better insight as to why it truly is not you, it's me - and I hope you can respect that and we can share this creative space together. 

Love + Light,