Publised on Zola!

Wowza! How excited are we to have our wedding and our design debut published AGAIN! Check out the link in the post to see our wedding featured on ZOLA! 

First and foremost, we MUST give credit to our amazing and lovely photographer Audrey Davies Priel of Rose Trail Images in Rolesville, NC. She is the kindest and most genuine of souls and I cannot say enough positive things about this lady. She authentically and beautifully captures all moments and she is never without a smile. Thank you, Audrey! 

We cannot thank our amazing team of wedding vendors enough for being part of this big day with us! This was an unforgettable event for many reasons, and really, just the beginning for us here at unearthed. All are listed in this featured link! 

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what's all this "niche" talk?

Happy Sunday, y'all.

As promised, I wanted to jump on and update the blog regarding what all this talk and delegation of "niche" service in the wedding planning/design realm is really all about. I'm going to cover what it means to me, what it means in the industry, and why it's legit a "it's not you, it's me" thing. 

So what is a "niche" service? Based on the info I scooped up from the Design Trust Co. a niche service means: "A niche is a focused, targetable part of the market. You are a specialist providing a product or service that focuses on specific client group's needs, which cannot or are not addressed in such detail by mainstream providers." AND I couldn't have said it better myself. A "niche" service is not uncommon - think about it. Various small businesses provide a "niche" whether it be a specific style of clothing, type of food/beverage, etc. I think we're all entitled to offer specific services. With over 400 certified Wedding Planners in the Wake County area in North Carolina, I felt the need to get specific and narrow my scope for a few reasons as follows: 

"It's not you, it's me." - If you've heard this before, I'm sorry. Don't worry, it's been told to me before (haha!) BUT, it truly isn't. I think all engaged couples are lovely people - but I have a PASSION. That's what caused me to focus on my "niche". I'm not discriminating, but I have a forte and a passion. I have a passion for all things eclectic, bohemian, woodland, and a little more unique and ethereal. If you know me on a personal level - then you know this is "so me" and if you don't know me - you can likely tell from my work + my inspo bored that I have a style. I am an artist really, before anything else. Like most artists, we are not fluent in all mediums or styles. That means our styles may just not mesh - and I want you to be serviced by someone who is equally as enthusiastic for your event as you are! I feel that if I have a particular style and skill to execute a specific vision - then why not do just that? I'm just here to stay in my lane and let all other wedding planners/designers do what they do best as well. In a nutshell, I was hoping to monopolize a corner of the marketplace in the wedding planning + design world that would allow people to flock to me when they have a specific desire for the wild side! 

Have I been given feedback from other wedding professionals about what I'm doing and their negative thoughts? Absolutely, but this is my career. I believe that "your vibe attracts your tribe" and I'm okay with that. Does that mean I'm discriminating? No. I just may not be your best bet for your vision or your first choice. There is a TON of talented wedding planners and designers in the Triangle Area all offering exceptional services that bring life to elegant affairs and flowery frills on the regular. They do a WONDERFUL job at executing beautiful events. Simply put: I felt that my time would be best used making a name for myself doing, creating, and planning in a habitat that I truly enjoy AND feel that I excel at and can REALLY flex my creative muscles. I'm always happy to refer to other local planners if I feel that I can not assist you, and I have no shame in doing so. While we may think the concept of "Wedding Planning" is fairly ubiquitous - we all have our fortes in this industry and I would NEVER take on an event that I did not feel comfortable in executing. That's why I network hard. Give me all the vintage, woodland, bohemian, 80's punk rock, ethereal, celestial, carnival, circus, and dreamy visions - that's my jam and that's what I'm comfortable with from an artistic stance. Truly, we all have a niche whether we own it or not. I'm just more vocal about mine. 

Anyway, I could go on forever! But, I hope that better helps to spell out why I'm a "niche" service, why I choose to operate my business this way, and why this is my stance and my path. I hope this gives you better insight as to why it truly is not you, it's me - and I hope you can respect that and we can share this creative space together. 

Love + Light,