But, why?

People keep saying to me, "OMG, you're going to be so amazing at this! But, why the change... why are you doing this?" It's become more apparent since I made this announcement that it's automatically assumed because I have a Master's Degree and am working "in the field" that I actually sought out my life's ambition and must be happy. Don't get me wrong, I am honored to say I have a Master's Degree and a career. But does it make me happy? Not entirely. Did it provide me a job that made me happy? Occasionally, at best. Working in the field of Addiction is tough stuff, it's tiring, and lately, it's been overwhelming - it's too much. I am working on a field where I am constantly giving while rarely feeling appreciated. Also, don't get me wrong - when I do "save a life", it's amazing and there is a huge sense of pride. But it's hard, it's tiring, and I feel defeated. After being in the field since 2010, it's truly taken a toll on me. And, not to toot my own horn, but I was born an artist - of all forms, mediums, and methods. I would've been crazy to have not utilized my artistic and creative talents to serve other people... 

So, here I was. I was finally happy, I was in a new state (bye bye NY), and I had the love and support to do whatever I wanted thanks to my amazing husband. So, I took a leap. AND I signed up to take classes that would equip me and certify me for this venture.

Thus, unearthed was born.

I know what you're thinking: do you ever get tired of starting new ventures? How many things are you going to try getting into? Here we go again. What haven't you done? From multiple MLM's, to photography, to mug making, to my baby foliage+fable, I've tried EVERYTHING and I have NEVER regretted a single one of them. Although foliage+fable came to an end, there was much success - but it just wasn't cutting it for me. Also, when you are a creative person - you never tire, you're constantly seeking more, with a restless mind, so here I am.

Now, to really understand how "unearthed" came to be, and where the name came from, you'd first have to view the definition and then view my style - then, it should all make sense (or so I hope!) If it doesn't, you'll have plenty of opportunity to follow me on this journey through my blog, my Instagram, and my Facebook (business) page. Keep an eye out for my styled shoots, my actual weddings, and my collaborations with other awesome vendors in North Carolina! 

Am I for everyone? Probably not. In my styling and planning endeavors - one thing I pride myself on is being a "niche" service. I offer styling, design, and planning services for eclectic, earthy, woodland, fairly-tale, folky-funk, ethereal, artsy-fartsy, vintage, bohemian, hippy-dippy weddings. I love vintage and I love nostalgia. I live for the small details that provoke history and promote memories. The unimaginable, inventive and imaginative, romantic, soft and intimate, among the trees and the wild animals types of weddings and events!  

So what does that mean? That means just that. I have a niche and a passion. I have a forte. Does that mean I won't serve you? Not necessarily, BUT I may not be the right fit for you. When you are planning a wedding or event - you deserve to have someone who "gets you" and the look you are hoping to achieve. Whether or not that's me, I'm more than willing to siphon through and decide! If I am not the perfect fit for you, I am super happy to help and guide you to find someone in my connection realm who IS the perfect fit for you. 

All of that being said, I look forward to you sharing in this journey with me. No matter the size of your event or nature of your event - I'm happy to help. I offer so many different services, so if you do (or don't) see something you are looking forward, don't hesitate to hop on over to the "CONTACT" link and shoot me a message. I'll get back to you within 24 hours!

Love + Light,