Meet Sarah, the Owner + Artist at unearthed: 

Empath. Old Soul. Artist. Therapist. Creative Genius. Ex-Photographer. Sagittarius. Dreamer of Themes. Nature Lover. Rescue Mom. St. Paddy's Day Bride. Handmade + DIY Queen. Sentimentalist. Detail Guru. 

The list goes on and on... regardless of the many hats Sarah may wear, she is the creative genius behind unearthed weddings + events. Sarah has always been known for her creative and artistic abilities that are engulfed with sentiment and attention to detail. Sarah prides herself in being the master of eclectic and unique combinations of decor and design creating unique themes and customary blends of styling (especially mismatch!)

Sarah is an artist by nature; beginning in her youth then expanding into her college career (fine arts, photography, and graphic design) and beyond. This means that whether its a thrift store DIY completed in-house or its a Neiman Marcus purchase, Sarah has a knack for making it all blend together cohesively (you should see her home, it's so darling.) Did we mention her knack for organization and efficiency? It's second to none. Not only does Sarah hold a Bachelors + Masters Degree, but she is also holds a certification from "We Do" in Wedding Planning and fell over the moon far before the execution her own big day!  

"There's not much I can't envision or physically create and put together to make cohesive for branding and design of any event. I love the challenge of incorporating elements that ordinarily may not go together, but ultimately end up making a trademark statement. By no means am I traditional, and frankly, I don't strive to be. My style is not for everyone, but that is what makes my services unique. That's what makes my events memorable. I'm not afraid to go for it, ever." -Sarah

Sarah was born and raised in Upstate, NY in a town that she claims "probably had more cows than people" and snowed 8 months out of the year. About 3 years ago, Sarah relocated to the Raleigh, NC area to be with Patrick, a love interest local to her home-town who had relocated a decade prior to North Carolina. It's a love story for the books! Prior to this venture, Sarah also was the Owner + Creator behind "foliage+fable", an etsy shop and local artisan sold in various stores in the RTP area. Sarah's creations included watercolors and canvas art, crystal and healing stone jewelry and hair accessories, and her most popular cedar-slice stud earrings. Together, Patrick and Sarah (newlyweds!) reside in Youngsville, NC in their beautiful home (half home, half studio, of course) with their black lab mix (Cole), black cat (Salem), and their chinchilla (Atlas). Post-Graduate School, Sarah has been working as a Therapist in the Addiction field since 2010. Because Sarah has worn so many hats, the sky is really the limits with how she can design and impact your event, from tiny details to massive manifestations. 

What is "unearthed"? + Why? There is really no better fitting word by definition. To dig, to search, to find if kept by secret - it is all so fitting to Sarah's personality and her truly unique and eclectic style. Sarah also strives to utilize as many natural elements as possible into her styling process as she feels the best decorations are those that can be found right among the earths surface. Fun fact: Sarah and her husband sourced much of their decor from wooded areas and lakes in the Raleigh area through treks and hikes, snakes, and mud - they gathered quartz, driftwood, feathers, and rocks perfect for their own wedding day. 

What you'll find here: There are several tabs on this page including: Sarah's own personal work and design efforts (whether its floral, paper, visual displays, she's created and worded it all), her inspiration board, most of which she has high confidence in her ability to execute (comparable to a Pinterest board, but with more vision). You'll also find recommendations for Local Vendors in the "Contact" tab as Sarah is a big supporter of the "local" life and other small businesses. She is also a big supporter of love, no matter where or how you find it. This means at unearthed, we support all couples, all religions, all ethnic groups, all races, all styles, and all humans NO MATTER WHAT! If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to fill out the contact form to inquire about services and consultation. We look forward to hearing from you! 

*Almost all photos on this site were taken by Audrey Davies Priel of Rose Trail Images unless otherwise noted. She is the genius behind the lens.*

Real style is never right or wrong. It’s a matter of being yourself on purpose.
— G. Bruce Boyer