What it means to be “unearthed” & why:

The very definition itself is a great representation of love and we we find true love; something here at unearthed we pride ourselves in illustrating, organizing, and celebrating. There is really no better fitting word by definition. To find something [in the ground] by digging. To discover something hidden, lost, or kept secret by investigation. This is often how we find love, is it not? By digging into the deeper part of ourselves, as well as another to unfold what may be our future.

We also find that this term best fits our personality here at unearthed and our unique, eclectic, and earthy styling. We always strive to help our couples exude authenticity, organic love, and their true self in their wedding day so that it may be heartfelt, genuine, and memorable.

At unearthed, we strive to utilize as many natural, organic elements as possible into our styling process as we feel the best decorations are those that can be found right among the earths surface. Splashes of neutral colors and metallics, hints of vintage timelessness, and foraged elements from the earth - right in the midst of that vision, you’ll find us.

We pride ourselves on being detail oriented, exceptionally organized, quick to communicate, and curators of your own personal soundtrack of forever. Our planning and styling skills are truly unique and what we believe sets us apart from the rest. We hope to expand in your life and memories far beyond your wedding day.

We are also big supporters of love, no matter where or with whom you find it. This means at unearthed, we support all couples, all religions, all ethnic groups, all races, all styles, and all humans NO MATTER WHAT! We are 100% an inclusive vendor, no questions asked. <3

Fun fact: Sarah and her husband sourced much of their decor from wooded areas and lakes in the Raleigh area through treks and hikes, snakes, and mud - they gathered quartz, driftwood, feathers, and rocks perfect for their own wedding day. We have sourced various local items from foliage to foraging for lichen, pine cones, and fresh fern.

Meet Sarah: Owner, Artist, and Lead Planner: 

Sarah is the creative genius and owner behind unearthed weddings + events. She has always been known for her creative and artistic abilities that are engulfed with sentiment and attention to detail. Sarah prides herself in being the master of eclectic and unique combinations of decor and design creating unique themes and customary blends of styling (especially mismatch!) Not only is she an exceptional artist and curator, but Sarah’s attention to detail, communication skills, and ability to remain organized and calm in the midst of chaos is downright envious.

Sarah was born and raised in Upstate, NY in a town that she claims "probably had more cows than people" and snowed 8 months out of the year. About 3 years ago, Sarah relocated to the Raleigh, NC area to be with Patrick, a love interest local to her home-town who had relocated a decade prior to North Carolina. It's a love story for the books! Prior to this venture, Sarah also was the Owner + Creator behind "foliage+fable", an etsy shop and local artisan sold in various stores in the RTP area. Sarah's creations included watercolors and canvas art, crystal and healing stone jewelry and hair accessories, and her most popular cedar-slice stud earrings.

Fun Fact: Sarah also holds a Bachelors + Masters Degree and works full time as a Therapist in the Addiction field since 2010. Her 2018 accomplishment included obtaining certification from "We Do" Workshops as a Wedding Planner. She fell over the moon for planning far before the execution her own wedding day! Together, Patrick and Sarah (St. Patrick’s Day newlyweds!) reside in Youngsville, NC in their beautiful home with their black lab mix (Cole), black cat (Salem), and their chinchilla (Atlas).

Thank you for stopping by and learning a little more about us!

*Almost all photos on this site were taken by Audrey Davies Priel of Rose Trail Images unless otherwise noted. She is the genius behind the lens.*

Real style is never right or wrong. It’s a matter of being yourself on purpose.
— G. Bruce Boyer